The BEST kept secret for lunch in Redlands! Joe’s offers a variety of dishes, many of which are $10 or less! Come enjoy Redlands best burger or a phenomenal club sandwich

Everybody has to eat lunch and often it is difficult to fit in an actual lunch during a somewhat limited lunch schedule. Some people only get 30 minutes! Well guess what? Joe Greensleeves can take care of you! Whether you have time to sit down for the full hour, need to take it to go, or want to call ahead so that your order is ready when you get there, we can get you in out in the time you need. Our full lunch menu will certainly provide any options that you may need, and several of our items are under $10! You may always book a reservation ahead of time and just drop us a note that you’re trying to get in and out for lunch. We will make sure it happens for you. Book online today at www.JoeGreensleeves.netIMG_4287.JPGIMG_4285.JPG